Lightness Emblem: Sweet Iced Tea

When I picture Lightness, I picture a warm, carefree summer day of my childhood. This is why I have chosen a glass of homemade sweet iced tea as my emblem.
Iced Tea
My dad’s side of the family is southern. I’ve never been without a porch swing which, might I add, was always in motion. I’ve grown up surrounded by family and good neighbors. Sweet tea is a staple of the South. I actually went to a restaurant in Hastings, a town near my father’s house, which served nothing but sweet tea. No soda, no coffee, just sweet tea. That’s all anyone orders there anyways. Once you travel out of the southern states, you can’t order it anymore. “I can bring you hot tea with a glass of ice on the side” says the waitress who obviously does not understand. No thanks. This is where the complexity lies. If there isn’t at least 2 cups of sugar completely dissolved in the pitcher, it’s no good. There is an art to making it that not everyone can achieve.

The simplicity of childhood, living way out on a dirt road, playing hopscotch and swinging from the rope swing tied to the biggest branch of that magnolia tree: these are all present in a single sip.


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