Aesthetics II

I originally stated that my ideal piece of literature would be light and quick in its style. I have not changed my mind since. My chosen work, Weep Not, Child doesn’t fit this category precisely but it is in the same ballpark. This novel is not the best representation of lightness. The plot introduces us to a boy who has all of his dreams crushed. He’s like a hot air balloon tied to the ground. There is potential for him to fly away. He can never fully get away from his connections and upbringing though. Just as he thinks he’s safely on his way to higher education, he’s yanked back down to the ground. His hope and faith provide a light feel to everything but it is really just an illusion.

In reference to quickness though, this novel is just my type. It is super short ad constantly in motion. Time moves however is needed to address the important parts of the plot. If one year is more exciting than others, a couple chapters will cover it. If nothing of interest happens for 5 years, it will simply be skipped. It is very easy to get caught up in the story since it moves quickly.

Although I love the light and the quick, I don’t limit myself to those pieces of literature. I do enjoy a variety of styles. However, I can’t help but chuckle at the fact that the novel I chose to focus on for this blog was very similar to my favorites. That was not intentional.


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