The learning screen is a creative alternative to a research paper. I’m so thankful for our blogs instead of an equal amount of writing in a different form. We don’t realize how much we’ve actually written unless it’s all in one Word document. The way each category breaks things up makes it more manageable. What’s even better is the freedom we have with writing. I can be myself in the posts whereas there is no place for dry humor in a formal paper.

Also, the point is to describe your own preferences. The easiest way to get someone to talk to you is to ask them about themselves. I’d much rather tell the world about myself than about someone else’s work and opinions. All of the books read are being utilized by applying them to the project through our own eyes. I’m not ignoring what Calvino, Seger, and Blair say in their writings. As a matter of fact, I think by this point I could recite their words. I only came to this point by relating myself to them though. We learn the material just the same, if not better since it’s more of a hands-on experience.


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