When looking online for information about Weep Not, Child, I found that it is a novel of interest to many people.  There are the standard pages like Wikipedia, Amazon, and Google Books but more significantly is a handful of blogs and essays posted by various critics (amateur or experienced).  There is even a Facebook page with basic information and 2,457 likes.  Naturally, I liked it too.  I love to see how the interests of others are reflected through their writings on the novel.

I took special interest in another WordPress blog, Shigekuni, that was discussing Ngugi wa Thiong’o, the author of “Weep Not, Child.”  This blog does not simply summarize the novel, like most pages.  Rather, it discusses the underlying themes and influences of the author.  Specifically, it talks about the Marxist influence of Thiong’o which is evident in his critique of Njoroge’s desire to be like the white missionaries and leave to study outside of the country.  His blind faith in this achievement makes him fall all the harder when he does not accomplish it. 

I especially find it interesting to read a blog that discusses the same things I’ve been talking about.  For example, the author of Shigekuni discusses the connectivity of the plot saying that if any one thing were changed, the entire story would have to change.  There are so many things happening within the novel that seem unrelated, however, they actually depend upon each other.  Although this blog didn’t realize, it was discussing Calvino’s multiplicity.


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