E-Lit Example of Lightness: Dawn

Dawn- Reiner Strasser and Alan Sondheim

Author description: The poem combines aspects of love, death, and nature in one piece.  Originally it consisted of three parts: text, photography, and sound.  In the Flash version these parts are arranged in a loop completed by a minimalist interface (to pause).

I have chosen Dawn to represent lightness for several specific reasons.

1. It is short and repetitive, unlike some e-lit workd that seem to never end.  The simplicity of a short text can create a feeling of lightness.

2. The background is composed of fading images of nature at dawn.  Nature in itself is light.  It does not contain the complexities of human thought.

3.  Despite the crackling sound which is anything but pleasant, it is looped creating a never-ending sound that could just as easily be only two seconds long.  We don’t know but at the same time it doesn’t matter.

With some philosophical content, the words can be heavy but I felt that this piece’s composition had the representation of simplicity.