Multiplicity Graphic: Rules and Randomness

There are not many pictures in White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares. In fact, the few pictures included are the main sources of color you see within the work. When you are on the poem page, it is simply 8 lines of writing. This creates a seemingly easier design. For this E-Lit work, I am focusing on rules and regulations as my graphic design element. The rules lie in the lines that must change automatically. The randomness comes about with the 512 possible combinations that can be made through the regular changing of lines.

Rules imply that there is thought put into the work but randomness suggests the opposite, a bit of unknown excitement. Writers know what they put down on paper but don’t necessarily keep everything clear and concise. Multiplicity goes hand in hand with randomness, especially knowing all the possibilities of combinations, yet not being to read them all since the lines change so often the reader can’t keep up.