E-Lit Example for Quickness: Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky

Description:  Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky takes advantage of an elegant interface to present the type of lore often passed from parents to children. A voice, speaking Arabic, is paired with text in English, asking readers if they would like to hear a series of stories. Clicking blue stars in the night sky gives access to sparse stories.

In this E-lit example, the reader can experience interactivity and read whichever story they want out of the mix.  It’s a simple background of stars; some with a blue-ish hue to indicate that you can click on them.  There is a voice at the beginning to spark your attention.  The stories are placed in the center of the screen where you can scroll down if necessary.

What makes this piece representative of quickness is the pace it’s actually viewed at.  There are a variety of stories but they’re all short.  It reminds me of Calvino discussing the folktales.  The stories are folktales.  They are simple and short.  Extreme detail is not needed.  The reader is less likely to lose interest because the stories are quick and have different plots, yet it all somehow connects to the mysterious voice’s life.