Visibility Graphic: Time and Motion

Time and motion refer to the movement within the E-lit work and how it effects the perception people have of it.  Time and Motion are closely related principles because when any word or image moves it functions both spatially and temporally.  Artists try to find ways of creating motion when they are working with a static piece.

When looking at time and motion as an aspect of design in “Girls day out,” a few things are noticeable.  There are pictures on the main screen all-together there are very few.  There are, however, plenty of letters.  Instead of videos, we watch the letters swarm in “Shards” and they fade out to reveal specific words in the other poem.  Other than shifting the placement of the letters, there are color changes.  A change of color can also contribute to the appearance of movement.  Rather than creating visuals to match the written content, the letters change and move with an eerie feel, representative of the murder and death within the story.