Multiplicity Analogy: My Grandmother’s magazine collection

My grandmother has the obnoxiously huge magazine collection. She does not realize that she is the only one who actually thinks they’re worth anything. The rest of the family thinks they just take up space. She refuses to throw any of them away. She claims that they will be worth some money some day, which is true to an extent. But when do you determine the best time to sell them if they always go up in value? That’s just it. She doesn’t sell them. They sit piled high in every room of her two-story Victorian-style home.

You see, multiplicity is like my grandmother’s magazine collection because she just keeps letting it pile up, unable to part with any of it. I see it similar to Calvino’s discussion of Gadda who couldn’t focus his work into something concise. He wrote down his knowledge because he valued it and he loved to show how much he knew, even though everyone else did not feel the same.